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Exhibition “Forest / Environment of trees”

On February 27, the gallery “Izmailovo” of Moscow City Galleries Network will present Natalia Alatortseva's exhibition “Forest / Environment of trees” - about the forest, its power and vulnerability, about the relationship between man and forest. The gallery will feature watercolors, monotypes, linocuts, ceramics, textiles and other objects. 

In cold February and treacherous March, one of the gallery's halls will be populated by images of trees, mushrooms, herbs, monotypes of plants, made in Japanese ink, etching paints. Large-scale images of trees will be supplemented with natural objects. 

The grass growing on the old walls, the figure of a man gradually melting, merging with the landscape, the disappearing facades, reminiscent of themselves only by the trees planted next to them. This is an exhibition-immersion, an exhibition-meditation, an exhibition-path, along which the visitor can walk and collect his thoughts, make an escape to the inner forest. 

In difficult times, a person is covered by waves of escapism: one prefers to hide under a blanket, another quietly slips into the game reality, the third makes imaginary friends. The main character of the exhibition story "Forest / Environment of trees" is just such a fugitive, whose escape is illusory, but the thought of it is material. The fugitive either ironically or seriously studies a new habitat - checks reference books of mushrooms and plants, surrounds himself with prints, casts and images of the forest. 

The visitor to the exhibition can not know for sure where he was thrown by a walk: perhaps it is a forest thicket, which is gradually inhabited by a hermit, or, on the contrary, an ordinary apartment, where an imaginary forest has penetrated. It is only clear that the forest accepted the fugitive, as it is ready to accept his guests if they promise to take care of his secrets. 

Natalia Alatortseva is a biologist by her first education and an artist, a master of botanical illustration by her second education and by vocation. She has been teaching classes in botanical illustration at the Faculty of Biology and at the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University since 2015, illustrating botanical atlases since 2014, and she is an organizer and participant of group and personal exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Including: 

“Florilegium: A gathering of flowers, at Inverleith House” at the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh, Scotland, 2020 

SBA Plantae annual exhibitions in London 2019 and 2020 (online) 

22 Annual International Exhibition by American Society of Botanical Artists and Marin Art & Garden Center, USA, September - November 2019 

21st Annual International exhibition of American Society of Botanical Artists at Wave Hill, New York, USA, 2018 

The exposition in the subway train “Aquarelle”, prepared by the State Biological Museum named after K. Timiryazev and the Russian Society of Botanical Illustration Lovers, 2019–2020 

“World Botanical Art. Russia”, St. Petersburg, 2018 

“Science Meets Art: Past Joins Present, East Encounters West”, exhibition of botanical art at the 19th International Botanical Congress, Shenzhen, China, 2017 

Illustraciencia3: Science illustration exhibition at Park (ing) day Barcelona, ​​Barcelona, ​​Spain, 2015 

 Three solo exhibitions were held in Moscow in 2016 and 2017. 

Works are in the collections of the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh, the Timiryazev State Biological Museum, private collections. 

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Exhibition “Forest / Environment of trees”
About the forest, its power and vulnerability, about the relationship between man and forest
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